Virtual Strategic Planning Facilitation

We offer our clients with remote teams the opportunity to conduct strategic planning sessions online. Every meeting includes an expert facilitator and a coordinator to ensure the meeting runs smoothly.

Our virtual management tool capabilities:

  • Connect participants from around the world in a virtual meeting room via video conference
  • Deliver presentations from a desktop at any location
  • Create interactivity within the group including the use of whiteboards, “parking lot” plans and polls
  • Facilitate meetings based on our regular agenda sequence and cadence
  • Offer more flexibility in meeting times as we are not assembling in a physical workspace
  • Save on travel costs
  • Execute meetings more rapidly

Given the remarkable changes in our environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, our clients are focused more on contingency planning and exercises such as value chain analysis that reimagine their industries after the crisis is over.

In a virtual format, our pre-meeting preparation and project execution portions are also delivered digitally. Utilization of an expert facilitator and strategist allows you to focus on your team and building your future.

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