We have worked with cutting edge technologists and engineers on the forefront of emerging technologies. Many of them are building platforms that integrate products (software) and services (such as engineering and consulting) in order to deepen their value proposition, expand their service offering and optimize profitability.

Our technology clients tend to be high growth, and interested in value creation. For example, after the adoption of the Affordable Care Act, we worked with several companies who implemented electronic medical records (EMRs) within a three-year span. These companies had to take advantage of a dynamic market, knowing that once such implementations were complete, they would have to pivot into new business models. We have recently worked with a number of ecommerce platforms that are disrupting entire industries. As these companies mature, their focus must shift from adoption of technologies to creating a service offering (and structure) that supports growth.

Strategic planning engagements within the technology sector require a focus on speed and agility. Such companies need to be highly adaptive based on changes in their environment, and tend to utilize tighter planning horizons.

Silicon Valley is not only leading in terms of disruptive innovation, but also in redefining the profession of management. Technology and engineering companies are having to become employers of choice in a highly competitive job market.

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