Strategic Planning and Execution

Optimize is a Los Angeles-based growth consulting firm specializing in strategic planning. We have helped over 175 organizations create and execute their vision. We help management teams agree on their strategic priorities and see them through with our three-step process.


We develop strategy in three phases:

In the prework phase, we prepare the management team to have strategy conversations by completing executive interviews and assessments. We gather pertinent information, including industry research, competitive analysis, and employee engagement data (when applicable) so our clients can make informed decisions. We then collaborate with the members of the client’s management team to ensure they are fully prepared for their strategy sessions.

  • Market Research
  • Executive Interviews
  • Surveys and Assessments
  • Preparation and Assignments

We facilitate strategy sessions where managers clarify their mission, vision, goals, growth plan, value proposition, project plans, and KPIs. We formalize a strategic plan that can be used with teams, boards, banks and peer groups to articulate vision and growth plan.

  • Strategy sessions
  • Unifying vision
  • Buy-in to an action plan
  • Strategy documentation

We focus on execution and make sure the client has the resources they need to execute their strategy. We assist the client in building infrastructure such as people, processes and technology to support the implementation of the strategy. This often includes development of project plans and OKRs that enable the client to achieve success.

  • Follow-up Meetings
  • Project Management
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