Marketing Strategy

In an age when traditional marketing approaches no longer apply, many small and mid-market companies lack the resources of a fully-staffed marketing department. Our consultants’ solutions are focused on contemporary marketing approaches that capitalize on efficient, low-cost, easy-to-use online solutions. Learn more about how to grab the attention of your prospects.

Messaging & Brand Alignment

As an organization considers shifts in its strategic planning positioning, it should carefully design a consistent brand message. Brand alignment is an exercise that connects the dots between the strategy, marketing plan and resulting marketing tactics. A company’s brand identity and brand story must be consistently communicated in every interaction with customers. Each marketing activity should be in complete harmony as to create synergy and support the sales strategy.

Digital Strategy & Execution

Many small and mid-sized companies struggle to convert their traditional marketing into a strong digital presence. To remain relevant and communicate value requires a dynamic website and mobile solutions. Our consultants can help build your website, assist in marketing messaging, drive social media, and ensure top billing in your SEO.

Market Research

We ensure our clients have access to information that they can lever to make fact-based decisions. Our targeted research solutions are designed to deliver insights that help our clients manage and deliver sustainable value.