Manufacturing Strategy

As expert strategic planning facilitators and consultants, we have developed manufacturing strategy for dozens of manufacturing companies, including several close tolerance, aerospace, and operations with lean manufacturing capabilities. We are well-schooled in six sigma and other quality-related manufacturing systems and best practices. Our manufacturing clients are interested in managing demand, engineering, throughput, quality and defects.

Strategic planning is critical for manufacturing companies, given the severe cycles that plague the industry. While the cycle can differ from the economic cycle (sometimes lagging for two to three years), manufacturing companies must be adept at expanding during booms and retracting during busts.

Hiring qualified workers has become a particular challenge for companies trying to scale. Within our strategic planning engagements, we focus both on building revenue and on resource constraints that can provide barriers to growth. Labor and managing subs have become key barriers to growth during upcycles, and our team has supported many companies seeking to improve their methodology.

As expert strategic planning facilitators and consultants, we have assisted clients who achieved extraordinary outcomes.

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