Manufacturing and Distribution Case Study


Business Problem

Our client sought to expand distribution, build revenue and optimize its business value for a future liquidity event. The company faced head winds in its international markets and had operational challenges related to production. In particular, the company had significant difficulty hiring qualified staff required to support its growth.

The Solution

Optimize facilitated a series of strategy meetings over a 2-year time frame. In collaboration with the CEO and management team, Optimize deployed a rigorous planning process (supported by market data) and established a new cadence for planning and formal tracking of strategic objectives.

Optimize Activities

  • Professionally facilitated four strategic planning meetings
  • Provided sales and marketing consulting services
  • Provided human capital consulting services
  • Implemented a scorecarding system
  • Launched organizational surveys to gather input from all line managers
  • Developed strategic planning documents, vision maps and action plans


Subsequent to the strategic planning process, our client:

  • Sold the company, achieving its  market valuation target
  • Achieved double digit annual gains in EBITDA
  • Re-engineered its product development methodology
  • Recalibrated distribution strategy in the U.S. and internationally, and hiring a Director of Sales
  • Developed a signature product for international distribution
  • Developed recruiting resources
  • Dramatically improved employee satisfaction in manufacturing operations, improving quality and cycle time results

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