Gaining Agreement on Strategic Priorities

Perhaps the number one reason that companies hold strategic planning meetings is to gain agreement on strategic priorities. As professional strategic planning facilitators, we have the skills to help teams find common ground, and to move towards consensus on key goals, strategies and actions.

In the stock market, investors do not like uncertainty. Similarly, management teams want clarity on which strategic choices will be made, and what investment will be required. In an Optimize strategic planning retreat, management agrees on long terms goals for the organization and the strategic objectives required to achieve them.

Gaining such agreement is fundamentally different than the entrepreneur drawing the strategy on a napkin. When managers take part in building goals, they are invested in realizing them. Similarly, when participants build a series of objectives, they better understand how they are linked to a broader strategy. These are amongst the steps necessary to break down silos and gain organizational alignment.

To learn more about building a framework for making such decisions, we invite you to download and view our white papers.