Optimize is proud to maintain a diverse list of strategic planning clients in financial services. We have served sectors spanning from insurance to investment advisory, real estate, retirement planning and call center operations. Our company President Marc Emmer serves on the board of a large operator of call centers (over 3,000 employees) in Los Angeles.

Through the economic cycles of the last two decades, we have had a front row seat to see our clients leverage the many changes in our financial system, and weather the storm of significant regulation. In particular, our financial services clients have had to develop the controls required to adhere to onerous fiduciary and compliance requirements.

The industry’s conservative nature can be limiting. However, with these ebbs and flows in the market have come significant opportunity for our financial services clients to explore new markets, and realize significant increases in their enterprise value.

Most of these companies have to pivot in a market where technology has narrowed the playing field, and many services are delivered online. It is critical for financial services firms to create service offerings that provide consumers with education and resources, delivered through technologies such as online platforms.

As expert strategic planning facilitators and consultants, we have assisted clients who achieved extraordinary outcomes. In addition to facilitating strategic planning, we have supported clients by:

  • Assisting in the post-merger integration of a market-leading traditional insurance company with an ecommerce provider, establishing a management structure, technology platform and business development methodology.
  • Building a client satisfaction and performance management solution for a leading financial outsourcing organization during a period when the company’s volume grew three times.
  • Supporting significant business model innovation for a financial services firm through a successful exit at a strong multiple.
  • Building business plan templates for the Los Angeles branch offices of a multi-national real estate firm.
  • Conducted a market potential study, helping a client optimize deployment of their salesforce.

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