It is well-understood that companies struggle to execute on their strategic priorities. They are usually the same companies that take shortcuts, completing one to two strategic plans void of research or strategic thought. Then, they wonder why their strategic plans are not successful.

To execute strategy well, companies need:

  • A well-crafted strategy plan, based on analysis of market conditions and other factors that may drive demand. Once the strategic plan is written, it becomes the single source of truth which unifies a management team.
  • A system to ensure successful implementation. For those companies who seek additional support in executing their plan, Optimize offers the optional SMART Operating System.

SMART is delivered in five successive workshops with our client’s management team. In each of these workshops, Optimize provides clients with easy-to-use tools they can employ right away:

  • STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT: In a follow-up soon after the strategy session, we work with mid-managers to put a tracking system in place and ensure that goals cascade throughout the organization.
  • MEASUREMENT: Optimize assists in the creation of a corporate scorecard with relevant KPIs (key performance indicators).
  • ATTRACT AND RETAIN THE BEST TALENT: In this workshop we conduct a deep dive into culture, hiring practices and retention.
  • RESULTS: This session focuses on leadership development, performance management and communication, and ensuring that every employee receives regular and useful feedback about their performance, career path and learning plan.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT: In this interactive workshop, participants are given tips on how to create good habits around organizing their work, running productive meetings, utilizing technology and completing tasks on time.

Framework for Driving Competitive Advantage

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Employer of Choice

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Employee Satisfaction Example

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