Employee Engagement

Optimize Inc. provides Employee Engagement Studies for our clients, typically as a data input for the strategic planning process. We tailor each survey based on the needs of the individual company, and our clients utilize these insights to create human capital initiatives that drive their companies forward.

According to Gartner, employers in the top quartile of employee engagement have:

  • Earnings growth 4x that of the competition
  • More satisfied customers (10%) and higher sales increases (20%)
  • Higher profitability (22%)
  • Healthier employees and better safety results
  • Higher employee retention

Optimize Methodology

Optimize has developed a proprietary methodology for gathering employee feedback and aggregating results into the Optimize Employee Engagement Index. We utilize a powerful data analytics platform that allows us to segment and analyze results by department, tenure or any other filter. Our analysis is categorized in sections such as culture and measurement.

See Marc Emmer's Special Report for Vistage Research Center: The State of Employment and Wages


Ongoing Performance Insights

We report our findings in an annual report format. Data can be benchmarked against prior surveys. However, the most valuable part of employee engagement is not numbers; it is the insight gleaned about organizations and their performance. Optimize can also launch “pulse” surveys that measure employee engagement throughout the year, as well as conduct candidate experience, exit and stay surveys.

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