Strategic Planning provides a unique opportunity to clarify an organization’s vision. A by-product of the process is greater team work and unity.

While our clients view strategic planning as a practical exercise, many also find it to be inspirational. Participants often report an uncommon level of collaboration, unparalleled in a traditional management setting. By working together in the formation of strategy, senior managers have much greater buy-in and are more likely to hold each other accountable to specific outcomes.

We find that a lack of vision leads to a lack of focus. Teams with a clear vision are far more likely to execute at a high level.

A tool we often use is Vision Maps. Many of our clients use illustrations as a method for conveying a common vision to their employees. Linking managers and employees to the strategy of an organization is a powerful instrument for driving competitive advantage. Tools such as vision maps promote the cascading of goals down throughout the organization. Building clarity around vision and goals deepens employee engagement.

During strategy retreats we are often asked to facilitate exercises that promote unity and teamwork. Contact us to learn more on how we can customize a retreat for your team.