Our roots are in consumer packaged goods (our company President came out of the grocery business). Our firm has a core competency in working with companies who have a physical product, distributed online or at retail.

The lines have become blurred in an omni-channel world, where providers must navigate a complex distribution system. Channels that took decades to erect are under attack. Distributors face pressure from the manufacturers they represent and the customers they serve. Brick and mortar retailers face steady headwinds, in the face of changing consumer preferences and the shift to e-commerce. E-commerce providers must build platforms that satisfy consumers’ expectations of selection, price and speed.

Consumer goods manufacturers (also see Manufacturing) must be adept at developing new products that the market values. They must have best-in-breed execution in both sales and marketing, including development of digital assets that win online. Today’s fickle consumer has high expectations for products that are both functional and authentic.

B2B business development has become both an art and a science. Providers must also build enough scale to remain relevant in a world where retailers have onerous requirements of their suppliers (we cut our teeth working with companies like Walmart, Target and Safeway). Not only must a vendor have cutting edge projects, they are expected to support with marketing, merchandising, and a supply chain that is just-in-time. Further, CPG companies, distributors and retailers must have the systems required to develop, sort, and report data analytics that drive demand.

Strategic planning is critical for companies trying to manage such complexity, and develop value propositions that are dynamic and not static.

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