Case Studies

Case Study: Consumer Goods, Food and Retail


Our client, a public company and industry leader in fashion, faced lackluster sales, escalating costs and fear that their brand was losing relevancy. The company had entered an adjacent market that was performing poorly and becoming a drain on resources.


After completing a strategic planning process with Optimize, management made the decision to exit the adjacent market, and redirect its resources to omni-channel marketing of its core product offering.


  • Optimize acted as project manager, driving market research and gathering key data points
  • Worked with the President of the company’s online division to recalibrate the company’s online strategy
  • Supported the marketing team’s identification of key customer personas
  • Reset the company’s long-range growth plan, corporate objectives, action plan and KPIs.


  • As a result of the clarity provided through strategic planning, the company reorganized, refocusing its commitment to its e-commerce platform.
  • Eliminated a non-performing division of the company
  • Rolled out a new merchandising strategy, targeting its core customers organized by persona