As expert strategic planning facilitators and consultants, we have worked with leading regional construction firms including both general contractors, and companies who serve as sub-contractors. These companies are often interested in topics such as project management, cost analysis, productivity loss, budget management, claims avoidance, and risk management.

Strategic planning is critical for construction companies, given the severe cycles that plague the industry. While the construction cycle can differ from the economic cycle (sometimes lagging for two to three years), construction companies must be adept at expanding during booms and retracting during busts.

Builders and commercial clients have become extremely demanding and price conscious. Pricing power can shift dramatically, putting significant pressure on profitability. Such movement in the industry has promoted consolidation as companies try to accelerate absorption of overhead.

Construction companies must carve out a very specific value proposition and manage their tight margins with efficiency. Becoming proficient in project management, managing labor spend and optimizing capacity have become critical success factors for construction companies.

Hiring qualified workers has become a particular challenge for companies trying to scale. Within our strategic planning engagements, we focus both on building revenue and on resource constraints that can provide barriers to growth. Labor and managing subs have become key barriers to growth during upcycles, and our team has supported many companies seeking to improve their methodology.

As expert strategic planning facilitators and consultants, we have assisted clients who achieved extraordinary outcomes. In addition to facilitating strategic planning, we have supported clients by:

  • Providing advisory and support for a regional construction company completing its first major acquisition. The integration was completed ahead of schedule, and most all key staff and customers were retained through the transition.
  • Assisting an industry leader in its quest to create a three-year staffing plan, re-engineering its entire recruiting, onboarding, training and retention methodology.
  • Leading an exit planning process for a general contractor seeking to transition in a management buy-out.
  • Taking a home builder through its first ever strategic plan, clarifying its core market, and establishing a sales system including implementation of CRM, and building marketing automation tools.

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