Case Study: Financial Services

Business Problem

Our client was one of many firms facing commoditization in a highly fractured industry.  As a result of emerging competition and severe price pressure, industry fundamentals were eroding and straining profitability. The firm, in business for over 30 years was undergoing a generational change of control.

The Solution

Optimize was engaged to refresh the strategic planning process and support the sales team.  The Optimize consultant became a trusted advisor for the firm, which utilized strategic planning as a launch point for innovation, growth and team building.

Optimize Activities

  • Facilitated 7 strategic planning meetings (over a 7-year span).
  • Conducted a customer advisory board to identify key industry trends.
  • Surveyed all of the client’s top clients to gain input on satisfaction and how the firm could improve its value proposition.
  • Launched organizational surveys to gather input from all line managers.
  • Developed strategic planning documents, vision maps and action plans.
  • Worked with the Board of Directors to affect a smooth ownership transition.


During the strategic planning process, the company:

  • Identified a new market niche, and became the clear market place leader in the space (within the U.S.).
  • Increased profits by more than 125%.
  • Established a new business (separate LLC) with a passive income stream (that generated as much profit as the original business).
  • Established vertical integration across three businesses.
  • Launched a disruptive technology in the form of a portal used by competitors to sell the firm’s services (and act as an extension of their sales team).
  • Established significant resources positioning the company as the predominate subject matter in the field.
  • Deployed a “virtual office” eliminating half of its office space.
  • Increased revenue per employee by more than 40%.