We usually recommend that we meet with your team at an off-site hotel venue, or somewhere out of the office that will inspire clear thinking free from distractions.

What will be the output from this meeting?

Our goal is to serve you. We will strive to ensure your team walks away with actionable insights and a vision for your company’s future. See these sample documents to get an idea of the tools we will provide.

We typically provide clients with three documents:

  1. Vision Map (a visual summary of the strategy)
  2. Action Plan (a detailed list of tasks with champions and dates)
  3. Strategy Plan Document (or strategic plan outline)

See our sample (Vision Map on pages 5-6 and 19, and Action Plan on page 19)

What should I wear?

Dress comfortably; feel free to wear whatever you normally would in your office. Jeans are acceptable. Be aware that some conference rooms are chilly.

What about food?

The final agenda will indicate whether a hot or cold breakfast will be served. Lunch will also be provided.